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Welcome to the website of the Osceola Velo Club

The Osceola Velo Club (originally of Central Florida, hence the name, and now) based in Lawrence, KS is an unsponsored, USA Cycling registered, road racing bicycle club which specializes in the development of the novice road racer (road, track, cyclo-cross). 

Whether you are a total newbie, an experienced racer, or just want to get "race fit," the Osceola Velo Club is the place for you.  

Come learn the ropes of bicycle road racing under the guidance of a nationally licensed cycling coach and experienced road racer (road, track, cyclo-cross).

Our Mottos

"Personal Improvement," "Teamwork," and, above all, "Have Fun!"

Dave Z., 2007 Lake Mary Criterium

Club Staff

  • KCA Hall of Fame & USA Cycling Licensed Coach
  • NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Latest Updates

05 Jun 2016Osceola Velo Club's Pete Williams went the full distance in the Dirty Kanza 200!  The DK200 (as it is known by those "in the know") is a 200-mile gravel-road bicycle race which takes place in the Scenic Flint Hills of Central Kansas.  The DK200 has become THE premier endurance gravel-road bicycle race in the country, attracting the creme de la creme of the "gravel grinders."  Pete W.'s official elapsed time of 18 hours/34 minutes/33 seconds was good enough for 36th place in his age group.  Way to go, Pete!  Check out a photo of Pete grinding the Scenic Flint Hills.

19 May 2016 - Osceola Velo Club's Pat Schlager finished 1st in his class -- "Retro Merckx Single-Speed" -- in Race #1 of the monthly John Brown Time Trial Series held just outside De Soto, KS.  Although the weather was chilly and cloudy with a hint of drizzle, the fairly flat, out and back course was tailored made for Pat S.'s fixed-gear track bike.

24 Apr 2016Osceola Velo Club's Pete Williams finished 19th in his age group with a time of 8 hours/55 minutes/49 seconds in the 100-mile Cool Hand Luke Gravel Grinder race which was held around Leavenworth, KS today.  Check out some photos of Pete W. grinding the gravel.  Next up for Pete -- the DK200.

09 Apr 2016Osceola Velo Club's Pete Williams competed in the Gravelleurs Raid, a 100-mile gravel road race held in the rolling hills north of Lawrence, KS today.  Pete W.'s overall time of 8 hours/38 minutes/5.281 seconds was good enough for 27th place in his age group.  This race, along with the upcoming 100-mile Cool Hand Luke Gravel Grinder race, are mere warm-ups for the big one -- the Dirty Kanza 200, a 200-mile gravel road race through the Flint Hills of Kansas, to be held on 04 Jun this year.  Check out some photos of Pete at the Gravelleurs Raid.

17 Feb 2016 - The dates have been set and the permit application approved, so mark your calendars for Coach Pat's 2016 Sprint Clinics presented by Osceola Velo Club!  Area racers will once again have three opportunities (21 Apr, 28 Apr, & 05 May 2016) to learn all of the finer points of sprinting by none other than KCA Hall of Fame & USAC Licensed Cycling Coach, Coach Pat.  Information and link to the event flyer may be found at http://kscycling.org/events/coach-pats-2016-sprint-clinics/.

03 Jan 2016 - The final race of the Christmas Week of Cyclo-Cross, as well as the final race of the Kansas Cyclo-Cross Season, as well as the final race of the 6-race Series60CX points series, was held in frozen/thawing conditions at Herman Laird Park in Shawnee, KS.  Lots of slipping and sliding on ice, snow, mud, and even some grass made this race memorable.  Osceola Velo Club's Conner Rainey fought back to finish 2nd in Junior Men, Pete Williams finished 8th, one place ahead of Conner R., in Men's Cat 4, and Pat Schlager finished 4th in Single-Speed.  These results secured each racer's overall position in the Series60CX points series with Conner finishing 1st in Junior Men (by 1 point!) & 1st in Men's Cat 4, Pat S. finished 2nd in Single-Speed, and Pete W. finished 3rd in Men's Cat 4.  Great season, Team!  Check out some photos of the race as well as the overall Series60CX podiums.

Pat S., 2nd, Single-Speed, 2015 Series60CX Points Series

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