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Welcome to the website of the Osceola Velo Club

The Osceola Velo Club (originally of Central Florida, hence the name, and now) based in Lawrence, KS is an unsponsored, USA Cycling registered, road racing bicycle club which specializes in the development of the novice road racer (road, track, cyclo-cross). 

Whether you are a total newbie, an experienced racer, or just want to get "race fit," the Osceola Velo Club is the place for you.  

Come learn the ropes of bicycle road racing under the guidance of a nationally licensed cycling coach and experienced road racer (road, track, cyclo-cross).

Our Mottos

"Personal Improvement," "Teamwork," and, above all, "Have Fun!"

Dave Z., 2007 Lake Mary Criterium

Club Staff

  • USA Cycling Licensed Level 3 Coach
  • NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Latest Updates

22 Nov 2015 - Two more podiums for Osceola Velo Club at the Cliff Drive Cyclo-Cross weekend held at Kessler Park in Kansas City, MO on a couple of tough courses in early winter conditions.  Conner Rainey 2nd in Junior Men on Day 1 and Pat Schlager 3rd in Single-Speed on Day 2.  Conner Rainey also finished 7th in Men's Cat 3/4 on Day 1, and 4th in Junior Men & 9th in Men's Cat 3/4 on Day 2.  Pat S. also finished 5th in Single-Speed on Day 1.  Check out some photos from Cliff Drive.

15 Nov 2015 - Two podiums for Osceola Velo Club at the 2015 Kansas State Cyclo-Cross Championships held at Centennial Park in Lawrence, KS.  Conner Rainey is the new State Champion in Junior Men 17-18, and Hunter Adams won Silver in Men's Cat 3.  Pat Schlager 7th in Single-Speed, Conner R. 13th in Men's Cat 4/5, Pete Williams 36th in Men's Cat 4/5, and Ian Pepin 40th in Men's Cat 4/5.  Check out some photos from Centennial Park.

08 Nov 2015 - Another full weekend of racing for Osceola Velo Club, this time in Topeka and Leavenworth, KS.  Saturday's Capital Cup was held at a new location featuring lots of bumpy grass and sweeping corners.  Conner Rainey 3rd in Junior Men & 4th in Men's Cat 4, Hunter Adams 3rd in Men's Cat 3, Pat Schlager 6th in Single-Speed, and Pete Williams 7th in Men's Cat 4.  Sunday's Veterans' 'Cross was once again held at the VA Facilities featuring grass, gravel, and a hint of mud.  Conner R. 1st in Junior Men & 9th in Men's Cat 4, 7th for Pat S. in Single-Speed, and 16th for Pete W. in Men's Cat 4.  Check out some photos from Topeka and some photos from Leavenworth.

01 Nov 2015 - A full weekend of racing for Osceola Velo Club over at Herman Laird Park in Shawnee, KS with the Halloween Cyclo-Cross (a.k.a. Colavita Cup) Saturday and the Boulevard Cup Sunday.  Overcast with chilly temperatures and overnight showers made Saturday's race rather 'cross-like with a lot of squishy mud to negotiate, while the sun returned with unseasonable warm temperatures Sunday.  Saturday's results:  4th in Junior Men & 17th in Men's Cat 4/5 for Conner Rainey, 29th for Pete Williams in Men's Cat 4/5, 4th for Hunter Adams (in costume) in Single-Speed, and 11th for Pat Schlager (in costume) in Single-Speed.  Sunday's results:  4th in Junior Men & 6th in Men's Cat 4 for Conner Rainey, 2nd for Hunter Adams in Fatbike Category, 9th for Pat Schlager in Single-Speed, and 18th for Pete Williams in Men's Cat 4.  Check out some photos from Saturday's race and some photos from Sunday's.

25 Oct 2015 - A good, full day of racing for Osceola Velo Club at the SMP CX race at Shawnee Mission Park in Shawnee, KS.  Conner Rainey 2nd Junior Men & 13th Men's Cat 4/5, Pete Williams 27th Men's Cat 4/5, Pat Schlager 8th Single-Speed, and Hunter Adams 11th Men's Cat 3/4 & 17th Men's Cat 1/2/3.  Check out some photos from Shawnee Mission Park.

18 Oct 2015 - 3 podiums in two days for Osceola Velo Club at the Joules 'Cross weekend held just outside Lawrence, KS.  Conner Rainey 3rd in Junior Men Saturday, Hunter Adams 1st Saturday and 2nd Sunday in Men's Cat 4.  Additionally, Conner R. finished 14th Saturday in Men's Cat 4, 4th in Junior Mens and 16th in Men's Cat 4 Sunday; Pete Williams finished 21st Saturday and 13th Sunday in Men's Cat 4; Hunter A. finished 5th in Single-Speed Sunday; while Pat Schlager finished 8th Saturday and 7th Sunday in Single-Speed.  That's a lot of racing and some nice results, Team.  Check out some photos of Osceola Velo Club at Joules 'Cross.

11 Oct 2015 - Another fun day of cyclo-cross racing for Osceola Velo Club, this time over in St. Joseph, MO at the Robidoux Roundup CX.  The challenging course included two unique obstacles per lap -- a broken-up stone staircase through a stone tunnel and an insanely steep and long dirt run-up.  Conner Rainey finished 9th in Men's Cat 4/5, Pete Williams 15th Men's Cat 4/5, Conner R. doubled up with a 1st in Junior Men's, and Pat Schlager finished 2nd in Single-Speed.  Check out the photos.

27 Sep 2015 - Great fun was had by one and all at the Cyclo-Cross at Raytown BMX cyclo-cross races this weekend.  Two days of racing on, near, and around the Raytown BMX track and facility in Raytown, MO.  Osceola Velo Club had three racers out there each day with Pat Schlager finishing 9th Saturday and 9th Sunday in Single-Speed, Conner Rainey finishing 10th and 14th in Men's Cat 4, and Pete Williams finishing 15th and 19th also in Men's Cat 4.  Pat S. and Conner R. continue to rack up the KBCXR points in their respective categories with Pete W. scoring his first KBCXR point on Saturday.  Check out the photos.

20 Sep 2015 - First race of the 2015 Kansas Cyclo-Cross Season (and first race of the 2015 KBCXR (Kansas Best Cyclo-Cross Rider) points series) over in Leavenworth, KS at the Buffalo Bill Cyclo-Cross Race.  Osceola Velo Club was well represented with Ian Pepin finishing 14th in Men's Cat 5, Pat Schlager finishing 8th in Single-Speed, Conner Rainey finishing 10 in Men's Cat 4, and first-timer Pete Williams finishing 21st in Men's Cat 4.  Only a handful of KBCXR points scored, but still, good racing, Team.  Check out the photos.

Pete W., 2015 Buffalo Bill Cyclo-Cross Race

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